UTAH Flat-Fold Fender #1 - La Salle Sports by Maryasa

UTAH Flat-Fold Fender #1

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· Made from durable but thin plastic sheet
· Fits a wide variety of suspension forks and complex geometries
· Recommended for all wheel sizes
· Easy mounting and ultra-lightweight
· Especially suited to competitive riding
· Offered with 6 tie-wraps (requires 4 units to attach the fender)
· Mounting instructions & legal information printed on the mudguard’s underside
· 100% recyclable materials

Tech Info

Max. width x max. length: 280 x 267 mm
Weight: 30 g

Additional Features

The LaSalle Sports UTAH range comes with “Delta Slot” included,
so that all products are ready for “retail display”, with no need for additional cardboard.

Depending on the models, products will be shipped in boxes
also containing sheets of sulphite paper, corrugated cardboard
dividers or both.

Shippers will be sent sealed with LaSalle Sports brand tape.
Minimum optimal quantities of 1000 units per order, per colour. It’s
possible to go down to 250 units per order, subject to price Increments.

Please consult us to know specific packaging details for a given product.